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Welcome to QELL Institute!               Music Education     (613) 316 - 7355

30 Minutes45 Minutes
16 Lessons at QELL studio$240.00 (4 cheques for $60)$344.00 (4 cheques for $86)
16 Lessons at student’s home$320.00 (4 cheques for $80)$464.00 (4 cheques for $116)

Taking music lesson is not just a practicing exercise under the teacher’s supervision. 

It is a binding of particular relationship between the teacher and the student when not only musical knowledge and technique passing to the student but also musical intuition and sensitivity. 

Would you like to see your child playing passionately one of Chopin’s waltzes, or trying to improviser Twilight melody, or accompanying a song at your party? 

Come to QELLstudio – our teachers will teach you not only to love music but mostly to find a practical way of using this passion. 

Help child become creative, disciplined, intelligent, social, able to express him/herself as well as to develop different skills that are necessary today to build a good career.

All ages are welcome. Playing a musical instrument is also important for adults because learning music stimulates an adult brain and makes the brain young and active

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